Cimarron National Grassland

Trails & Grasslands

Jones & Plummer Trail, Meade, KS

The first trail through the area was made by the Jones & Plummer Cattle Co., bringing their cattle from the Texas Panhandle on the Canadian River to Dodge City.

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Santa Fe Trail, Dodge City, KS

Tracks of the original wagon trail used by pioneers from 1821 to 1872 are located nine miles west of town. This site, listed on the National Register of Historic Sites, contains the largest continuous stretch of clearly defined tracks along the entire route of the trail.

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Cimarron National Grassland, near Elkhart, KS

Managed by the U.S. Forest Service, Cimarron National Grassland near Elkhart, KS contains 108,000 acres where you can see an increasingly rare member of the Grouse family, the greater prairie chickens perform courting dances in this sea of golden grasses. Over 360 species of birds have been identified on the grasslands.

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