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Meade State Park and Fishing Lake

In addition to a scenic fishing lake and well-developed campground, Meade State Park and Fishing Lake offers much to wildlife watchers. Birders regularly turn up unusual sightings at the area, including the brown pelican and magnificent frigatebird.

  • The first state lake in Kansas, Meade Lake is an oasis in the agricultural lands of Southwest Kansas. The Lake Park is 443 acres and provides visitors with fishing, camping and swimming. Boating is restricted to fishing boats, and campers can enjoy electrical hookups, a dumping station, bathhouses and a beach.
  • Wildlife enthusiasts will find the lake area a wonderful observation ground. The wildlife preserve west of the lake provides great hiking and exploring as well as a nature trail.
  • Considered by many the top spot in the central United States for bird watching, the lake area is inhabited by over 300 species.

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