Cimarron National Grassland

Billy Dixon Presentation at Boot Hill Museum

April 20, 2013 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Bott Hill Museum, Dodge City, Kansas
Mark Ferguson as Billy Dixon. Doing a first person presentation of Billy Dixon who scouted the Texas Panhandle for the Army, hunted buffalo for the train companies, defended the Adobe Walls settlement against Indian attacks with his legendary buffalo rifle, and was one of eight civilians in the history of the U. S. to receive the Medal of Honor. Dixon is best known for the "Shot of the Century" which ended a three-day Indian siege at Adobe Walls, TX. A group of 28 buffalo hunters, and one woman, led by Dixon occupied the outpost of 5 buildings 15 miles northeast of Stinnett, TX. The outpost was attacked on June 27, 1874 by a band of 700 to 1200 Indians. On the third day of the siege, Dixon fired a shot killing an Indian almost a mile away. This caused the Indians to retreat. Dixon is honored to this day with competitions in England and the U.S. which attempt to match his skill.

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