Cimarron National Grassland

Lake Scott State Park and Wildlife Area, near Scott City, KS

Eleven miles north of Scott City on Beaver Creek, Lake Scott State Park and Wildlife Area is a surprising oasis nestled in the prairie of Western Kansas. From some directions, you can look across Ladder Creek Canyon from a few hundred feet away and see no hint of the 1100 acres of lush diversity. Descending into the canyon, you will discover Scott State Fishing Lake, natural springs, rocky bluffs, and groves of ash, cedar, elm, walnut, and willow trees.

The first residents of Ladder Creek Canyon were Native Americans. The pueblo, El Quartelejo, was built in the in the 1600s by Taos Indians, and later occupied by members of other nations. El Quartelejo is the only Indian pueblo that has been discovered in Kansas and the northernmost pueblo in North America. The ruins of that pueblo can be visited at any time.

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