Cimarron National Grassland

Fort Larned, Larned, KS

In a time of change and conflict, Fort Larned was on the front lines. The fort's mission began to protect the mail, grew to support the protection of other traffic on the Santa Fe Trail, culminated in Hancock's War and the Medicine Lodge Treaty in 1867, then ended with the completion of the railroad in less than two decades. Fort Larned is located directly on the Dry Route of the Santa Fe Trail, which follows the Pawnee Fork. The Wet Route, which more closely follows the Arkansas River, is just a few miles to the south. George Armstrong Custer and the newly-organized 7th U.S. Cavalry encamped at Fort Larned before and during their campaigns against the Cheyenne in 1867 and 1868. Custer's first experience dealing with Plains Indians occurred at Fort Larned. Today Fort Larned remains the best-preserved fort of its time.

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