Cimarron National Grassland

Battle Canyon, Scott County, KS

Battle Canyon is where the last Indian battle in Kansas was fought. Punished Woman’s Fork, it is about a mile south of Lake Scott State Park on Hwy 95. A monument overlooks a cave, a canyon, and the bluffs where The Northern Cheyenne hid, waiting to ambush the U.S. Cavalry. In the battle that followed, Commanding Officer Lt. Col. William H. Lewis was mortally wounded, the last officer killed in military action in the state of Kansas. During the night after the battle, the Northern Cheyenne fled. This area has been designated a State and National historic site. Conditions have changed since the battle itself. The creek no longer flows as it did in 1878, but one can still sense the historic drama that took place here and can appreciate the desperate situation which led to this battle.

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