St. Jacob's Well and Big Basin

National Foundation for Carnival Heritage Center, Kinsley, KS

In 1908, Edwards County resident, Charles Brodbeck was fascinated that people would ride a horse to town and pay a nickel to ride a wooden horse. He bought a carousel and the family built one of the largest family carnivals in the nation. The Center preserves the traditions of the family carnival, salutes famous carnival individuals and provides a nostalgic look at a form of entertainment from a simpler time in American life.

Located at 113 & 200 E. 6th in Kinsley, Kansas.  See a very unique Carousel where the animals were designed by children from Kansas. Drop in any time or schedule a tour by contacting John Ploger at Fireside Realty (620) 659-2201 or Shirley Watson at Midway Consignments, 124 E. 6th, Kinsley, KS (620) 659-2838.

Coming Soon - 1900 Heyn Double Decker Carousel - the only one in the Country!!!!

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