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Cottonwood Quail Company

Cottonwood Quail Company, Goodnight Ranch, Englewood, Kansas

The Cottonwood Quail Company is the exclusive outfitter to the 22,000 acre Goodnight Ranch
located in Englewood, Kansas.We are a small professional operation dedicated to the dog oriented quail hunter. We have lodging and dog kennels right on the ranch and a varied and diverse terrain in which to hunt.  We are strictly a wild quail operation giving our customers the excitement that only comes with
hunting Wild Birds.

The Goodnight Ranch combines more than 10,000 acres of sand hill prairie pasture with over 11,000 acres of agricultural crop land. The terrain is rolling and open allowing for easy walking and big running dogs.The sand hill area of the ranch is dotted with Plum Thickets and Broom Sage that dogs new to the West soon find to be the objectives that hold the birds. The creek beds, shelter belts, weed fields and food plots make for the varied cover that keep both the dogs and hunters pushing themselves to find those coveys.

The ranch is managed for Quail with the emphasis put on cover and natural feed. We supplement with Wheat, Milo, and Sorghum that is left standing and provides both feed and cover especially late in the
season.  Besides an incredible quail population, the Ranch is rich in history and folklore. The Dalton Gang and Jessie James used the Sand Hills as a hide out and staging area for their raids. The town of Englewood which is located within much of the ranch's land is known as the Quail Capitol of South West Kansas.

Contact information

Cal Robinson, Registered Guide

(207) 283-0712

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